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Brief Introduction to our Association


The Malta Model Boat Association was formed in 1994 to promote the sport of remote controlled yacht racing in Malta. In its formative years the club was successful to the extent of organising both National and International events culminating in the World Championships in 1999. The club is actively organising racing and events for the International One Meter class boats and also for the Dragon Force 65 class boats.



The club actively organises International One Metre (IOM) Class yacht racing. These are really fast boats and are the most popular radio controlled racing boat in the world. The club organisies one major event every year, the past couple of years we have seen a huge increase of interest in foreign competitors for this event. Usually held in March every year, we have recently been holding this event in the North of the Island.


As the cost of IOM is on the high side, lately we have seen the introduction of the Dragon Force 65 class, these boats cost about EUR250.00 as a brand new boat complete with radio equipment and the boats perform exceptionally well.

Are you interested? If so, please send an e-mail on and we will invite you to come down to our next meeting and have a go at one of these incredible little boats.



We would welcome any new or prospective members to contact the club on the enquiry form as we would be able to allow the use of one of the club members boats if you wish to try out this wonderful and relaxing sport.


One of the principle aims of the club is to encourage the younger generation to join in the sport thereby ensuring the future of remote controlled sailing in Malta. The club is now actively organising "fun race days", details in the notice area above, where anyone interested in trying their hand at sailing one of these hi-tech and fast sailing yachts is welcome to come along.


We also welcome visitors from abroad to come and join us on our sailing days which are now being organised all over the Island, to meet our members and share in the enjoyment of the sport. So if you are planning a trip over to our lovely island, please contact us as we look forward to meeting you.

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